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Our driving school car:

All your learner driving lessons with us will be conducted in our dual-controlled Ford Fiesta Edge 1.25 petrol. It has electric power assisted steering which makes manoeuvring much easier, electric windows, air-conditioning, central locking, anti-lock brakes, and electronic stability control. It has a dual brake pedal and a dual clutch pedal fitted to ensure your safety at all times.

This vehicle has been chosen specifically because it is small, has very light and easy to use controls, and is very easy to manoeuvre. It has excellent all-round visibility, and is probably one of the easiest cars to learn to drive in.


A petrol car is best to learn in - Down with diesels!

Most cars currently on the road, especially the type of car that you are likely to first own, have a petrol engine. Learning to drive in a petrol engined car makes it be easier for you to transition between our car and your own (or parent's) car, so making it easier for you to get private driving practice, in-between your lessons, without struggling with the differences.

Petrol cars are more flexible in the gears, more forgiving, quieter, don't stall so harshly, and are much more responsive than diesel. Learning in a petrol car will also mean that you learn to use the gas and clutch properly when pulling away, which is very important to know in certain situations, such as pulling out into a fast roundabout. Although diesels are more economical, and by using one we could save thousands of pounds a year on fuel, we consider that using a petrol car is in your best interest, ensuring that you need less lessons and making it easier for you to learn to drive.


To see more about the car you will learn to drive in check out the Ford website here





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