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How fast to drive into a bend on country lanes: Speed and control :

Driving along a country lane means dealing with many types of bend, some fast, and some slow. With practice you will get used to deciding how fast to approach, how much to slow down, and how much to steer to get around them.

Whenever you approach a bend you should use the "slow in, fast out" technique. This means that you must slow down on the approach, enough to do all your braking before you start to turn the steering.

Many people find it difficult get the entrance speed right, especially after a long straight. It is often the gear change, whilst slowing that confuses. Just remember that if you are going too fast - Stay on the brake!  If necessary, change gear, AND bring the clutch up, while you are still braking. If you're going too fast - Stay on the brake!  

When changing down you can use: 3rd gear at 30mph, or 2nd gear at 20mph. When you are pulling away you can't get the biting point while you are on the brake - while you are slowing down you can!

Always be able to stop within the distance you can see to clear!  Your speed must be slow enough so that you can be sure that you can steer precisely around the bend, without swinging wide. Once the bend begins to open up towards the exit, then you can accelerate away.

The piece of string method: When you are steering around bends, your steering should be always balanced against either your braking or acceleration. It can be difficult to learn how to do this. One way is to imagine that:





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