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Give way and emerging at junctions How to:

Give Way priorities :
The three to remember are:

When turning right, if you are on the major road, give way to oncoming traffic on the major road from directly ahead, even if they are turning left.

At roundabouts, and mini-roundabouts, give way to the right (anything that's going to turn into the driver's door).

At a Give Way junction: Give way to the major road, to the right, and to the left: because there may be a car overtaking from the left on your side of the road.


Check, check, and double check
Any time that you have to give way, check, check, and double-check. Be aware that you often only see what you expect to see - not necessarily what is actually there (see Selective attention). Look out especially for dull coloured cars, which merge into the background. Motor cycles, and cyclists can be especially difficult to see, particularly if they are in an unusual road position. Motor cycles can be following closely behind another vehicle, and hidden from your view. At night lookout for cars without headlights on.


Give-way junctions:
At junctions you must give way to the major road in BOTH directions. You need to look both ways before crossing the line, and still be able to stop behind the line if you see something coming!

Approach any give-way with the intention of stopping. Have a decision point, which for normal approach speeds would be about a car length back from the line. If you can see adequately BOTH ways by your decision point then carry-on, else continue to stop at the Give-way line. In practice you will find that you need to stop at nearly every junction (unless the visibility is exceptional in both directions). You can change into 1st gear as you look both ways.



Decision point explanation: if you are travelling at 10mph, your reaction distance is 10 ft (3M), and your stopping distance is 5ft (1.5M). This gives a total stopping distance of 15ft (4.5M), or about a car length. To be able to stop behind the line, you must begin to react by at least one car length away.  

Stop junctions:
Where there have been a number of accidents, Give-way junctions are often changed to STOP junctions. The same give way priorities apply, but even if you can see for miles in both directions, you must stop at the line (photo below). This is a legal requirement, and attracts penalty points on your licence if you don't stop completely (wheels not turning).





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