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How to use the horn - Giving warnings - horn or headlights:

Use of the horn:
One of the biggest dangers on back roads is someone crashing into you because they have pulled out of a side turning without looking your way. If you are approaching a junction and there is a car waiting to pull out in front of you, look at where the driver is looking. If they start to move AND are looking away from you - you are in immediate danger!  (photo below)

If you are overtaking a parked (or moving) vehicle, you will be in the middle of the road. If there is a side turning on the right, you are extremely vulnerable to being hit by a vehicle emerging from that side turning. This is because most drivers when turning left at a junction look right, then look left as they emerge. If this happens they will see you as they hit you!

Be prepared: Cover the horn with your thumb in advance (or you won't react quickly enough) and - USE YOUR HORN - Make them look at you!



Be prepared to use the horn any time that you have to pass close to another car, and you are are unsure of what they are doing (photo below):



Headlight flashing:
Use headlights carefully as a warning as they can be thought of as an invitation to pull out. Never use a headlight flash as a warning unless you are driving a police car.   If someone flashes their headlights you cannot be sure what their intention is. If you think they are letting you out you can take the opportunity as long as you have made sure that it is safe from all directions   - including from behind the car that has flashed. Remember - they may be flashing to their mate coming the other way - NOT you !

If someone does flash you out, and you think it may be safe, the best thing to do is to edge forward slightly. This will show them that you are considering their invitation. However - DO NOT go any further until you are absolutely sure that it is safe to do so.  



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