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How to do independent driving on your test:

The driving test contains an independent driving section. This has been introduced to try to make you more self sufficient. It means that the examiner will give you a short series of directions, or ask you to follow signs, or show you a diagram of where he wants you to go.  However, if you are unsure where to go when driving independently you can ask and the examiner will help you.

The new driving test from Dec 2017 wil include a sat nav section where you will be asked to follow a pre-set route that the examiner has programmed in the sat nav that they wil bring with them. Although following directions from a sat nav is a bit of a skill in itself, the main thing to realise, or remember, is that as always IT DOESN'T MATTER IF YOU GO THE WRONG WAY !

The only practical difference this makes is that at when "independent driving" at roundabouts you will have to look at the roadsign and decide if the turn you want is to the right, left, or straight ahead. Whereas during the rest of the test you are told which general direction your exit is in. See roundabout page.

This is only challenging when the roundabout layout is different to that shown on the roadsign (photo below). In this situation if you have plenty of time and space, change what you intend to do. If you haven’t got enough time or space, then continue as you were and go to the exit that you are lined up for, and indicate appropriately.



Just to emphasize: If you get in the wrong lane for where you want to go, don't change in a panic, just go where the lane you are in takes you, and indicate for that direction !

Independent driving is not about navigation skills - So if you take a wrong turn you won't fail because of it. You can only fail if you make driving faults, and you won’t fail for doing the sensible thing.

  Independent driving on the direct.gov website








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