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How to deal with junctions - traffic lights and junctions:

Traffic light junctions: Traffic lights give priority to the road you are on if you see green, or the road crossing it if they show red to you. The lights control the stop line, so when you approach, if they change to amber stop if you can, but if you can’t stop behind the line - keep going. You can go through legally on amber. Always approach traffic lights at less then 30mph, you only get 2 seconds on amber when they change to red. Check the mirror on the approach to see if anyone is close behind – if they are then don’t stop suddenly. Ease your speed down on the approach and cover the brake until you are about one car length away from the line.

When you stop at a red traffic light, try to stop at the line, and not back from it. Traffic lights are triggered by microwave movement sensors, induction sensors in the road, or by a timer: On most lights the timer will operate them, even if they are not triggered. But on some junctions, particularly dedicated turn lanes (eg. right turn lane from Southchurch Rd into Bournemouth Park Rd, Southend), there isn't a timer, so if you don't trigger them by going all the way up to the line you'll be there all day.


Right Turns at traffic lights: If the opposing right turn lanes are opposite each other then the cars usually turn right in front of each other. If the lanes are offset to the right then the cars pass each other and turn behind, if this is the case keep straight and next to the white line. Beware of cars on your left. Never be the third car into a junction, unless it is a very large one, you might get stuck in the middle.

A right turn onto the A127, from Bridgewater Drive, at Kent Elms Corner in Westcliff. The procedure here is to enter the junction when the light changes to green. Then position in the centre of the junction, with the front of the car level with the centre of the road that you are turning into, the A127. You must keep left of the oncoming traffic as you enter. Wait in the middle of the junction until the oncoming traffic stops, or until there is a gap large enough for you to proceed safely with the turn. When you can proceed you should normally turn into the left hand lane of the dual-carriageway (below):








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