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How to deal with junctions - right turn at traffic lights:

The junction of Prittlewell Chase (dual carriageway) and Hobleythick Lane in Southend. The right turning traffic turns offside to offside (or behind each other). This is a very narrow junction with 2 lanes of traffic in each direction on Hobleythick Lane, which is a single carriageway. If you are turning right here you should enter the junction carefully making sure that you keep left of the centre line. You should then pass oncoming traffic that is also turning right, and turn behind it when it is clear. You are of course still giving way to oncoming traffic that is going straight ahead, or turning to its left. You also need to be very aware of traffic passing on your left, as the lanes narrow in the middle of the junction (below).



Box junctions: When you are in a queue you must not stop on a box junction. To make sure that you don’t, always ensure that there is a whole car length clear the other side of the box, before you move across. Do not try to anticipate enough room the other side because you may get it wrong! You can stop on the box if you are turning right. "You must not enter the box unless your exit road is clear, unless you are turning right and only prevented from doing so by oncoming traffic."

Gaps in the central reservation: If you are asked to do a 'U' turn in a central reservation gap the main thing to remember is that the gap will be two way, so you must keep to the left. All roads are two way unless they are signed or marked one-way.



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