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How to deal with junctions - left and right turns:

Always make sure that you look into the side road before committing yourself to turn in. For right turns correct road position is essential. Wide turns generally don't cause many problems, but tight turns do, especially tight left turns:

The most important thing is to manage is your speed. Remember that you should be in control of the car, not the car in control of you! The best method for very tight turns is to nearly stop just before you get to the turn, making sure that you lose all your momentum. Dip the clutch and change gear. Then use the gas and biting point as you turn. Go onto the gas before lifting the clutch for best control.

Using this method the gear isn't critical, you could go around a very tight corner in 2nd gear quite easily. Make sure that you turn the steering wheel enough to get around: If you want the car to steer more tightly, turn it more! Straighten the steering before increasing the speed of the car.

Although you shouldn't have the clutch fully down when you go around a corner you can control the car on the clutch at the biting point.


Tight left turns:

Try to keep tight to the kerb as you turn, and not let the front of the car swing out over the centre line of the road you are turning into. However if the corner is tighter than the car is able to turn, this may be necessary. Check before you do that there is no oncoming traffic from the side road. Ensure that your speed is under control, slowest point just before you turn (photo below).



If you run the back wheel over the kerb, it is usually just a minor fault. It is better to do this than to swing wide into an oncoming car. If the side road is particularly narrow, and there is not enough room to turn in, you may have to stop before you turn to let other traffic emerge (photo below):










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