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How to deal with junctions - right turns (wide or tight):

You should be next to the centre line of the road you are in, and parallel to it. The same applies even when turning right from a left-hand bend – stay next to, and parallel to the line. This is to put people off from overtaking you on the right, which they will do if you keep left before you turn.

However, if there are parked cars on the right-hand side of the road, you may need to be past them before you pull over to the centre line. If you move to the correct position too early you may be in conflict with oncoming traffic that is overtaking the parked cars.



Your stop-and-wait, or begin-to-turn, point is when the front of your car is level with the centre line of the road you are turning into (photo above). If you are waiting to turn, keep the steering pointing along the main road: This means that if you are hit in the rear, you will not be pushed into oncoming traffic.

Make sure that you don't cut the corner off of the side road – turn in as if a car was emerging to turn right. Take it as much as a right-angle as you can. If you have to cut the corner because the road is either too narrow not to, or there is something parked awkwardly, then that is perfectly acceptable.

On wide right turns it is easy to swan-neck. that means going too far forward, and then almost doubling back on yourself as you turn into the side road. This is dangerous because someone who is impatient behind (most people) may decide to overtake as you turn. You will then turn back into them! Believe me it happens! If it can happen, one day it will!


Protected right turn lanes:



If there is a right turn lane marked on the road, try to get into it if you can (photos above). If necessary you can drive over any hatched road markings to enable you to get into the lane. But only if they are bordered by a broken white line, and only as much as you have to. You must not cross a solid line.

If you move out to the right, and then find that road markings are in the way, generally don't move back to the left, but drive over them. This is because as soon as you move out to the right, following traffic will overtake on the left.



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