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How to use your mirrors and do proper observation when pulling away:

When you are preparing to pull away, try to keep your eyes outside of the car, to make sure that you know what is happening all around you. While you are putting the car in gear check the interior mirror. Then the driver's door mirror. Once you are ready to go, and you think it is clear - check your left blindspot, the road ahead, your interior mirror, driver's door mirror, and right blindspot. If you're still sure it's clear, re-check the right blindspot, as you release the handbrake, and move away. A way to remember where to look is to start your observation on the left side, and sweep around, and finish on the right side blindspot (If you are stopped on the right side of the road swap right for left, etc).

The blindspot:
On each side of the car is an area that you can't see in the door mirror, and you can't see when you are looking ahead . It can only be observed by turning your head and looking over your shoulder. There could be a parked car about to pull away hidden in this area, or on a wide road even a bus! There could possibly be a whole side turning that you cannot see (photo below).



The last thing you should do before you pull away is check the blindspot !

If there is other traffic, or pedestrians about, you need to indicate before you go. It can be difficult to release the handbrake, and indicate, and move away promptly. To make it easier, as long as you are not on an uphill, you can release the handbrake and hold the car on the footbrake while you are waiting.  If you are pulling away from the side of the road on a 2-lane section, such as a dual carriageway or a one-way: - It must be clear in both lanes before you go, because a car in the right lane may be intending to pull back in to the left in front of you.

A common test failure when pulling away is making an approaching vehicle slow down. Try to make sure that you don't inconvenience anyone in any way.









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