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How to drive on one way streets, and how to tell if it's one way :

Make sure that you know when you are in a one-way street. There will be signs. However it only becomes important when you have to turn right: Then you have to get into the correct lane. At the end of a one-way all visible road markings will be duplicated on BOTH sides of the road. If you are in a two-way street the markings at the end of the road will be different each side.

When you turn right from a one-way street you must be on the right hand side of the road (photos below). This applies at the end, and in the middle, of a one-way street.




If you get in the wrong lane for where your examiner wants you to go on your test, slow down – hold back and try to get into the correct lane. If you can’t then it is usually best to continue in the lane that you are in, and go with it in the wrong direction. The examiner can get you back on course later on – you should not fail for taking the wrong direction.

Remember that all roads are two-way unless there are signs telling you differently. Make sure you know which lane you should be in and what road markings to look for.


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