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How to deal with pedestrian crossings:

Always be very careful near pedestrian crossings (especially at night) and be very sure that there is no-one near the crossing, or about to cross. Rather than just react if you see someone, try to use a positive method of approach and prove to yourself there is no-one waiting to cross before you continue.

A good driver assumes there could be someone crossing until they see there isn't, a bad driver assumes there is no-one crossing until they see there is! Expect the worst!



If there are any areas that you cannot see either side of the crossing, because of parked cars, or hedges, or traffic on the other side of the road - SLOW DOWN. There may be a pedestrian about to walk out that you cannot see (photo below) !



If there is a traffic queue on the other side of the road and you are approaching a crossing you may need to stop anyway just to make sure that there isn't a child beginning to cross between the queue of cars. It's better to stop unnecessarily, than run a child over.

If there is any chance that a pedestrian near the crossing may be walking towards it - SLOW DOWN. It is better to hold up the traffic behind, than run someone over !

if you are overtaking a traffic queue on a two lane approach to a crossing be sure not to overtake the lead moving motor vehicle within the zig-zags - its illegal.

To summarise the law:

You must give way to any pedestrian that steps onto the crossing before you reach it.

Also on the approach to a pedestrian crossing, within the zig-zag area, you can overtake a cyclist but you must not overtake the lead moving motor vehicle. Or any vehicle (cyclist or otherwise) that has stopped to give way to pedestrians.

And you must not park on the zig-zags either side of the crossing.











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