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Pull-up on the right side of the road

This is the new reversing manoeuvre in the driving test from Dec 17.

The manoeuve involves a pull-up on the right side of the road in a convenient place, and then reversing in a straight line for 2 car lengths; then pulling away again to return to normal driving on the left-hand side of the road.

Some points to be aware of:

Finding a convenient place is much more difficult on the "wrong" side of the road - the wider the road, the more difficult this is. Try to decide on a likely place, indicate early, and position yourself next to the centre-line - then don't be in a rush to commit yourself to the other side of the road, until you are sure it is OK. Also be aware that as you position next to the centre-line you may block the road if there is a parked car on the right side.

Reversing from your pull-up position is easy IF you get the car completely straight before you reverse. Be very precise with the angle of the car and the steering as you pull-up. Usually it is best to drive along next to the right-hand kerb for a short distance.

Before reversing be sure that you look properly behind you through the rear window, and don't move if there are any moving vehicles close enough for you to affect.

Whilst reversing keeping checking in-front, and behind, by looking around - not just by using the mirrors! Finish by applying handbrake and neutral, as usual.

When pulling away afterwards be extremely careful as you will need much more space than you would if pulling away from the left-side. Really exaggerate your observation, especially over your left shoulder. A lot of modern cars have a massive blindspot on the left (nearside) rear due to the size of the rear roof pillars. Diligently use the left side mirror to confirm it is clear. Indicate only when it is clear to go. Last thing to do before you move is another left blindspot check.

Use a 2-stage technique by checking, moving, pausing, re-checking, and moving again if clear. By pausing when you re-check it avoids moving towards something as you see it!



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