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Reversing out of a car parking space either to the left or the right.

This manoeuvre involves pulling into a car park space driving forwards, then reversing out either to the left or the right. When you pull in you must finish in-between the lines of the space, but as always you can make adjustments if you feel it is necessary.

If the space is on your left you may need to keep as far right as possible as you near it so that you have room to swing the car onto a straight track before entering the space. And vice versa if the space is on the right.

When you are asked to reverse out either to the left or the right, the examiner wil be looking for good observation skills. Use the mirrors and look over both shoulders out of the back window. Pedestrians and vehicles can come from any direction in a car park, and small children can run behind you - Be very careful !!!




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