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How to deal with roundabouts - directions and signs, interpretation:

As you approach most roundabouts you will see a roadsign which will give you the rough layout, and sometimes there will be advance road markings as well.

The roundabout can be thought of as a clock face. You will approach from the 6 o’clock direction, and the exits will probably be described as follows: any exit before 11 o’clock as a left turn (if it is the 1st exit), any exit between 11 o’clock and 1 o'clock as a straight ahead, any exit after 1 o'clock will be a right turn.

The word 'left' will only normally be used if describing the first exit, because it would normally mean that you could indicate left on the approach. A 2nd exit will normally described just as the 2nd exit, even though it may be on the left hand side

The examiner's instruction:
(except whilst on the independent driving section):

"At the roundabout: Take the exit leading off to the left / right / straight"
This tells you which general direction you are heading.

"That is the 1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th exit."
This tells you which exit as you go around the roundabout.


The 2 signs below illustrate the usual full instruction:





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