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Show me, tell me:  DSA practical driving test questions:

The format of the driving test has changed slightly from Dec 17. Now one of the following questions will be asked at the beginning of the test, and then you may be asked to use, or switch something on (eg. the lights) whilst you are driving.


Getting one question wrong, or both questions wrong will result in ONE MINOR fault only.

Some of the questions involve opening the bonnet. If so, your examiner will probably ask you to do this as you first approach the car.

On our car, the Ford Fiesta, the bonnet catch is under the dashboard on the far right-hand side. The safest way to use it is to get into the car - shut the door - pull the catch - open the door, and get back out again; being very careful about any passing traffic. Then walk round to the front of the car, partially lift the bonnet, and release the second release catch (see photo below).

The DSA video implies that you need to actually check the oil - you don't! It also implies that you would top up the oil, or brake fluid, or coolant - you don't!

You are not expected to service the car, your mechanic does this!
You only need very basic knowledge (It only takes 15 minutes to go over this adequately)

Once you have the bonnet open don’t touch anything. Just point – it will be HOT!

All the levels of the under the bonnet items should be between “min” and “max”, except the windscreen washer bottle, which is just filled up to the top.

To close the bonnet – lower it gently down and then drop it for the last 15-20 cms - then try to lift it again to be sure that it is locked in place.

It may fly up whilst you are driving along at 70mph!







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