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An explanation of the driving test:

How driving faults are assessed on the test:
Faults are defined as follows: - Minor faults: these are driving faults that do not affect anyone else. A minor fault may be a missed mirror check, or a missed gear change. If the same fault is committed more than 3 times however it is seen to be repetitive and will probably fail you. You are allowed 15 minor faults in total.

Serious faults: these are things you have done that could affect another road user if they had been there. Serious faults could be cutting a right hand corner or not looking behind when reversing. One of these on your test will fail you

Dangerous faults: These are faults that actually cause another road user to brake or swerve. One of these on your test will fail you

Driving tests are expensive, so you need to be sure that you are ready to pass. Alan will work with you and advise you when to put in for your test so that you are ready and able to pass first-time.

Driving test fees

On the day of the driving test your examiner will ask to see your driving licence. He will not conduct the test if you cannot produce it.



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