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Driving tips for learning to drive :

These driving tips are given as bullet points for you to use as a quick glance guide. Some are broad generalisations which apply in most circumstances, but not in all situations, so please use with caution.

Sometimes just seeing something you know about already, but phrased differently, helps it make sense. We hope that you find them useful:

Someone flashing their lights may not be letting you out, but be flashing to their mate.

Do manoeuvres slowly and stop and start. Use a method you know that works, and try not to improvise too much. A regularly used method means consistency, even under stress.

Keep, at the very least, two seconds away from the car in front, three seconds when above 40 mph.

Know all the car controls and switches so that you are able to use them without thinking about it.

Always have the clutch down before turning the ignition key. Some cars won't start unless you do.

Use mirror, signal, position, speed, gear, accelerate. 

When pulling up: Use handbrake, neutral, cancel indicator.

Go onto the gas before lifting the clutch, when pulling away.

At junctions always look left (as well as right) before crossing the give way line. 

If you’re in the wrong lane go with it, unless you can change lanes in plenty of time.

Only drive over mini-roundabouts if it is impractical to go around them. 

When overtaking parked vehicles be parallel to them before you get near them. 

Emergency stops with ABS - just brake hard.

Bay parking from 90 degrees, look down a line and it will go into the 3rd space back. 

Emergency stops without ABS - release brake and re-apply if the car skids.

When reversing look out of the back window over your left shoulder at least half of the time.

Look 5 cars ahead.

Have a plan A and plan B: Always have an escape route.

You can overtake through a roundabout in the right-hand lane. 

Give Way doesn’t mean “wait for” it means “don’t get in the way of”.

If someone pulls up next to the kerb in front of you - they will either pull away or open the door - be ready for it!

Steer the way you want the back of the car to go when reversing - to the kerb steer to the kerb: eg. Reverse left, look left, steer left.

Your car will drive itself along for miles without you touching the gas pedal in first or second gear.

Only use the right hand lane to overtake or turn right except when road markings tell you differently.

Indicate to tell people what you are going to do next - give them time to react. 

Always approach a green traffic light as if it is a possible red light.

Indicate to do the unpredictable - not the predictable.

Don’t accelerate at what you’re trying to avoid.

When manoeuvring you can always shunt forwards if you are unhappy with it. But don't move forwards a little, move forwards a lot. Make it count !

All roads are two-way unless there are one-way signs. 

When turning: Always point your wheels where you want to go before you accelerate.

Braking, steering, and accelerating, should always be smooth.

Always take a right turn into a side road as though a bus is waiting to pull out of it, to avoid cutting the corner.

Concentrate on your overall objective - where you are going, worry about the detail later.

You can overtake a cyclist on the zig-zags of a pedestrian crossing.

Meeting other traffic - only push through after you have seen them react to you.

Emerging through a queue - stop at the centre line and look for overtaking motorbikes. 

Parallel parking - one turn left, full-lock right, stop with your wheels turned. 

Two-way streets have different road markings each side, on one-way streets both sides are the same. 

At STOP junctions it is illegal not to stop completely. 

Never be the third car into a traffic light junction when you are turning right.

When manoeuvring; stop before any other drivers are close enough to have to react to you.

Slip roads - use the whole length, accelerate and check your blind spot at least 3 times. 

Meeting approaching traffic? First reaction is to slow down, before changing position.

Children come in pairs, the child you can’t see is the dangerous one.

React to any HINT of danger - slow down.

When you are driving you should survive by design, not by luck








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