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Professional driving lessons with Alan J Barker BA DVSA ADI. Achieving driving test success with our students for over thirty years!   Covering Hockley, Rayleigh, Rochford, Canewdon, & Hullbridge.

Welcome to Hawkwell Driving School, it's great that you've found us. We're based in Hockley, and currently serve the Hockley, Rayleigh, and Rochford areas. Working together we can get you driving, and successfully through your driving test, in as little time as possible.

Driving a roundabout approach

Two-hour NO-COMMITMENT Trial driving Lesson

"Alan was the best instructor I could've asked for! He explained everything really well and was so patient, also very chatty which helped me with my nerves! He had lots of phrases which helped me remember what I was doing and to help me stop squeaking! I looked forward to my lessons every week and passed first time." - Mia, Hockley

"Mia did squeak a lot, but became a great driver, and of course we were delighted to see her pass first time."  :-) Alan

If you decide to learn to drive with us, we will work with you to ensure that powering through your driving lessons, and passing your driving test, is enjoyable, productive, and most of all interesting.  We then hope that you will recommend us to your friends so we can work with them to pass their driving tests too.

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Why choose a local driving school, and independent driving instructor, like us?  Because you will know who your driving instructor will be, no guessing!. It will be Alan, he is extremely experienced, with around 30,000 hours learner driver teaching time. He is also of course a DVSA registered Driving Instructor, a member of the Driving Instructors Association, and is CRB checked as well.

Our pupils say that we are brilliantly punctual and reliable, And as you would expect our reputation is very important to us, so we try to maintain and improve it all the time by offering you the very best service that only an independent local driving school can.

Meeing traffic

We learn some great things from our students like you too. Everyone has a slightly different perspective on things, and many of our best teaching techniques have been developed through engaging with your perceptions on car control, or remembering routines, or how you assess road layouts; please teach us more, we're keen to learn from you also!

"I just wanted to thank you for teaching my son Max so well. I really appreciate it, good teachers like you are rare, and you helped him pass first time which is a miracle! So thanks again" - Sam

Traffic lights

With Alan as your instructor on your driving lessons, you will be introduced gently into driving, at your own pace. Together taking as much time as necessary, to make sure that you are comfortable, and enjoying your time in the driving seat. 

Naturally we will always encourage you to progress in your lessons to bigger and better things, and of course our main emphasis at all times is to keep you interested, and engaged, and within your comfort zone.

Hockley Driving School car on manoeuvres

Once you have progressed beyond the basic driving skills, and are feeling confident, we will encourage you to drive on all sorts of different road types and in different traffic scenarios. We believe that the more road types, layouts, and traffic situations you encounter whilst on your driving lessons, in a safe environment, with us; the safer a driver you will be when you pass your driving test.

Forward Parking

As you would expect most of your driving is likely to be done in the Hockley, Rayleigh, Rochford and Southend area. However to increase your overall experience and to enable you to cope with novel situations we will also try to include on your lessons visits to other nearby towns such as Wickford, and Billericay (interesting high streets), and Chelmsford and Basildon (excellent for roundabouts).

You will find that each town you drive around has it's own character, in it's local procedures, and local resident's driving styles, to engage with!

Roundabout with lights

"Alan was the exact kind of instructor I was looking for - local, reliable, available at the times I wanted and good value for money. Alan never rushed me on any of my lessons, and knew exactly how far to challenge me each time and increase my confidence.
I found Alan to be calm, chatty and very good at explaining things without being condescending. I found the website useful especially in preparation for my test. Alan prepared me so well for my test day, that I wasn't even nervous! I would happily recommend alan to anyone thinking of driving lessons, and the trial lesson was a great idea!"
- Angela Borst, Rayleigh

Meeting a car

Then when it comes to your driving test we have extensive local knowledge of Southend, Chelmsford, Basildon, and Clacton driving test routes and areas (there are no busy roundabouts, or fast dual carriageways, in Clacton making it a sometimes popular test destination).

On your pre-test preparation lessons we will spend as much time as possible driving around the area where you have decided to take your driving test, to get you really familiar with it, and the test routes. And of course, remember our brilliant first time driving test pass rate.

Meeting Traffic

"Alan was a great instructor! I enjoyed every lesson learning with him. There was always something positive in which I could take away from the lesson, he focused on my weaknesses and explained thoroughly ways to improve. By learning with Alan I was able to pass 1st time in just 3 months" - Cody, Rayleigh

As you have seen we have some lovely testimonials from some of our past happy customers, who enjoyed lessons and passed their driving test with us, and were keen to recommend us to others.

Right Turn at lights

"I learnt to drive with Alan and passed my test first time. Alan was patient and calm even when I made squeaking noises. He never pushed me to try anything that I wasn't ready for but also challenged me enough that I was progressing every week. His random expresions - "it's a clutch, not a foot rest" "lots of lovely mirrors" genuinely helped me to remember everything. As long as you can endure his jokes - "I'm just getting my binoculars so that I can see the kerb" - then I would recommend Alan to anyone" - Willow Scarisbrooke, Thundersley

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It would be great to work with you to achieve your driving test success. If you would like to know more about driving lessons with us, and learning to drive; or to book an initial no-obligation two-hour trial driving lesson, with no pressure to take further lessons; please let us know. We will be happy to answer any queries you may have.

"Even as a North American with nearly 7 years of previous driving experience I understood that I would need lessons to prepare for the practical driving exam. Over the course of our sessions Alan's manner of teaching and focus directly reflected to content and style of the exam. His advise and instruction is based on years of experience as an instructor but also driving a wide variety of vehicles and industries. Moreover his natural love of teaching, seemingly endless patience and eagerness for conversation create a comfortable learning environment. Most impressively driving with Alan not only allowed me to pass my exam but also made me into a much better driver. Without exaggeration since finishing my driving lessons I have consistently been complimented on my driving by family and friends. Previously I would never have thought to take driving lessons unless I needed to pass the exam but now I can say that anyone who is simply looking to improve their driving, become more comfortable and safe on the road would do well to spend some time with Alan. Many thanks!" - Jacob, Rayleigh

Whatever your situation, be it: beginner, extremely nervous, or had some lessons already; give us a call. Or maybe you want motorway lessons to build up your confidence, or need further driving lessons if you have been unsuccessful in a driving test. We will be eager to help.

We look forward to working together with you in your successful journey to learn to drive and pass your driving test.

Wendy Hockley co-owner and administrator


Teaching people to drive for over 30 years! Professional driving lessons serving Hockley (SS5), Rayleigh (SS6), Rochford (SS4), Canewdon (SS4), and Hullbridge (SS5).

Alan J Barker BA DVSA Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). Hawkwell Driving School Hockley, Victor Gardens, Hockley, Essex SS5 4DS. Tel 01702 204674


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PS: All information on this website is given in good faith and is accurate to the best of our considerable knowledge. The author of the yechnical pages is a Driving Standards Agency Approved Driving Instructor and has been teaching people to drive in the UK for over 30 years. However this website does not provide individual instruction, and hence the methods and explanations illustrated are often specific to a particular situation, and cannot always be generalised to other similar situations. please use this information with caution as we cannot be held responsible for any mishaps or incidents that may occur due to practising of these techniques.


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